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Our Vision For Cities

Barry Adams
Barry Adams

A Vision For Our Cities
In early 2001, I began to get a sense that God was going to begin to blanket entire cities with the message of His love. I can remember telling my wife Ann that I could see "Father Loves Houston" and "Father Loves Chicago" initiatives happening some time in the future. I had no idea what to do with what I was seeing so I left it in the Lord's hands.

(This same vision was imparted to us, Hot Pursuit Ministries, before actually connecting with Father Heart Communications. It is an honor to be in association with Barry & Ann Adams, sharing Father's Love... Bill & Deborah Fisher)

After the World Trade Center tragedy of 9/11 I received an email from a pastor in Geneva, New York asking if we would consider sending 1,000 FLL CDs to the rescue workers at ground zero. With the help of many friends, we were able to ship 4,000 FLL CDs, 1,000 FLL videos and 20,000 FLL cards to New York City in October 2001 for free distribution. I was amazed at how open these NYC church and ministry leaders were to help us deliver Father's Love Letter to so many hurting people in their city.

To help support this initiative, we created a new website for the people of New York called... www.FatherLovesNewYork.com. Bill & Deborah Fisher of Jacksonville, Florida have championed this effort and Deborah returned to New York City for the one year anniversary to give out another 50,000 "Father Loves New York" cards. To read her report from this trip you can access it online at http://fathersloveletter.com/Ambassadors/fisher2.html

When the Lord spoke to my heart that entire cities would be blanketed with His love, I had no idea that the first city that would begin to open up would be one of the biggest and most influential cities in the world... New York.

I believe that there will be many more cities that will begin to initiate "Father Loves Our City" strategies. We are already beginning to see the first fruits of this as Lisa Lannan from Kingman, Arizona has begun a "Father Loves Kingman" initiative with the support of local churches and ministries. You can find out more about this city strategy at www.FatherLovesTheWorld.com/Kingman


Bill & Deborah Fisher have also been faithfully sowing the Father's love message into their community as well and have recently launched their own website www.FatherLovesJacksonville.com

Many local churches and ministries are getting behind their initiative to blanket Jacksonville and the First Coast Regions with the message of Father's love.

Linda Chaney from Tampa Bay, Florida is spearheading a 'Father Loves Tampa Bay' initiative in her local church (Praise Cathedral Renewal Center). You can visit their website at www.FatherLovesTampaBay.com

We have also heard from other cities in the United States, Canada, Europe and Africa who are interested in starting similar "FatherLoves...." initiatives in their own cities. What could this look like? To be honest I feel like we are still "looking through a glass darkly", but it seems as if more clarity comes with each step of faith we take. I can only share with you what I see with the eyes of my heart. What I envision doesn't seem possible in the natural, but praise be to God that we are not subject to the principles of this world! Jesus taught us to pray that the Kingdom of our Father will come to earth and that His will would be done as it is in heaven!

There is no possible way that I could ever hope to manage what I see in my spirit. I only feel that I am called to be a catalyst, to stir up, encourage and inspire others to see the incredible potential of what God the Father wants to do in the cities and possibly the nations of the world. So having said that, it is with the heart of a little boy with a really big Dad that I share with you just a glimpse of what I see could happen if the revelation of God's Fatherheart began to cover our cities.

What Would It Look Like?
"What would it look like if God the Father's love blanketed our entire city?

What if...The Local Church Began To Walk
In A New Revelation Of The Father's Love?

Before the message of the Father's love can be effectively shared with the lost in our cities, the Church needs to grasp this message first. There are many "older brothers" from the Prodigal Son story of Luke 15 who are busy "slaving" in God's field without a revelation of the Father's love. Before the prodigal sons and daughters can come home, the older brothers and sisters need to be walking in a new revelation of the Father's love for themselves. I believe that the Father's love message must be ministered to and in the local Church first before we can begin to give it away to others.

What if...The Local Church Began To Unite Together
In Public Expressions Of The Father's Love?

John 17:23 - May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you love me.
NIV Bible
Jesus prayed in John 17 that our unity as brothers and sisters would be a witness to the world of the Father's love. Our brotherhood is not based on our doctrinal preferences, but rather on the fact that we have the same Father. When churches can come together in public expressions of unity, I believe we will begin to model true family to our communities (Ephesians 3:14-15) and soften many hearts to receive the gospel message.

What if... The Local Church Began To Demonstrate
Practical Expressions of The Father's Love Corporately?

Jesus often met the felt needs of people before he shared the gospel with them. Practical acts of kindness by the local Church will communicate a tangible message that God loves people and cares for their most basic needs. I believe that these expressions of kindness will cause our communities to be more open to what we have to share.

What if...The Local Church Began To Pool Their Resources
To Communicate The Father's Love Message Through The Media?

I envision entire cities being blanketed with Father's love message using billboards, newspaper ads, radio & television commercials. We have created a number of media resources for this purpose including 30 and 60 second Father's Love Letter radio and television excerpts, newspaper templates, evangelistic videos, etc. to help facilitate a comprehensive media strategy in every city.

What if...The Local Church Came Together To Celebrate The Father's Love & To Invite The Spiritual Orphans & Prodigals Home?
Luke 15:7 says "there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety nine righteous persons who do not need to repent". I envision a time of intense celebrations perhaps as citywide festivals as churches come together to welcome all the spiritual orphans and prodigals home to their Father's house.

Many of the things that I am envisioning are still in the embryonic stages. There is no possible way that these things can be accomplished without it being the Lord who does it. We only want to be doing what we see our Father doing so we ask for you to pray that we would be faithful and courageous to walk in simple obedience, holding our Daddy's hand each step of the way.

Please also pray for Lisa Lannan, Bill & Deborah Fisher, Linda Chaney and others who might be called to begin the process of introducing "Father Loves Our City" initiatives in their own cities. It is a big vision but we our comforted in knowing that we have a really big Dad who wants the world to know of His extravagant love.

Visit www.FatherLovesTheWorld.com for more information. Also www.HotPursuitMinistries.com