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Testimonies From The Ministry of Father's Love

On Valentine's Day, a full page newspaper ad was placed in our local newspaper (The Florida Times-Union) featuring the Father's Love Letter message. Most of the calls, from the paper, were from believers, who were very, very surprised how much they were touched and wept with the realization of what they had been missing all their lives. They were all very amazed and overwhelmed with delight that it was in their local paper and that someone would have invested in this way. The most exciting to us so far is a call we received from a friend, who called in the early morning to tell us he was on the city bus and the section of the paper, which had the FLL, was being passed all over the bus. There was much conversation about each one buying the paper for themselves and to whom they will be giving it to. He said he was not exaggerating at all about the extreme excitement that was going on inside that bus. The Father's Love was overwhelming them with excitement!!! Glory to God!!!

Bill & Deborah Fisher, Hot Pursuit Ministries,  www.FatherLovesJacksonville.com

Email sent to Hot Pursuit Ministries…….Thank you for your continued work using FATHER'S LOVE LETTER. About 2 years ago I received a telephone call from a police officer stating they were flying my 30 yr. old PG granddaughter to Shands Of Jacksonville. While I was alone in the trauma waiting room I found The Father's Love Letter that you had placed there...Please accept my thanks it brought many tears to wash my soul of past hurts. This very same folded card I have carried in my bible and have shared it with others. My heart leaped with joy when I saw the full page ad in The Jacksonville Times Union this past Sat. May many who also read it be blessed with the love of our Father. God Bless you in your future work.
Dorothy, Jacksonville, Florida

(Taken from online newsletter for FathersLoveLetter.com) He Will Turn The Hearts Of The Fathers To Their Children...
"See, I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse". Malachi 4:5-6 NIV Bible

Recently I had the opportunity to minister in Tampa Bay, Florida at Praise Cathedral Renewal Center where Linda Chaney is spearheading a "Father Loves Tampa Bay" initiative. During one of the altar ministry times, I invited the congregation to get in touch with the little boy or little girl deep inside of them who just needed a Father's love. There were many people who responded to this invitation, but I want to share just one story. One of the people who responded to this call to receive a deeper revelation of the Father heart of God was a middle-aged man named "Don". I was deeply touched by the level of childlike brokenness that Don was free to display. He told me that he had never known his father and he did not understand what he did wrong to not deserve a father in his life. He then placed his head on my shoulder and began to sob like a little boy needing a dad. I prayed that my arms would become the arms of God for Don and that he would really feel a tangible expression of his heavenly Father's love in the deepest parts of his soul and spirit. It was a real joy to be part of Don's homecoming. However, the story did not end there.

Following the service, friends Bill & Deborah Fisher who were assisting in the ministry time, shared with me that they had an opportunity to minister to Don after I prayed with him. Apparently, Don had spent part of his life living in a box in New York City for four years and had experienced many hardships in his life. After receiving a deeper impartation of the Father's love for himself, Don became more aware of his own inadequacies to father his own teenage son who was at church with him. Bill & Deborah encouraged Don to be honest with his son, to share the difficulties that he had growing up without a father, and to then pass on the love of God the Father that he had just received to his son. I was deeply moved when Bill & Deborah showed me a photo of Don with his arm around his son, as he passed on the Father's love to his son.

I truly believe that when the Father's love becomes evident in our own hearts, we will begin to see the fulfillment of Malachi 4:5-6. In our role as fathers and mothers, the healing power of the love of God will cause us to turn our hearts toward our children and allow our true Father's love to flow through us. In our role as children relating to our parents, the Father's love will bring a new freedom that will enable us to have compassion on our parents, realizing that they could only give us what they first received... To forgive them for any hurts that they have caused and to begin to learn what it really means to have the heart of a son or daughter.

 I was an eyewitness to the start of this process in Don's life. He is one of the many people who are seeing the fulfillment of the last prophetic word in the Old Testament found in Malachi 4:5-6.

It is my prayer that many more people, just like Don, would experience a new life-changing revelation of the Father's love for themselves that would radically change their relationships with their parents and with their children forever.

Barry Adams | Father Heart Communications

My husband and I went over to my parents' house Saturday night to visit and deliver the Father's Love Letter video that we had gotten for Daddy for Father's Day. We visited for a while and then   I told my father he could play the video now if he wanted to. We watched both the versions and the scripture readings at the end. They both seemed to enjoy and be attentive to the video. As we were leaving, I was able to say to them both that I had had an ulterior motive in giving Daddy that video. I told them that when I got to Heaven I wanted them both to be there. I told them it was not a matter of going to church every Sunday, but that it was a matter of believing in God, believing in Jesus as God's Son, believing that Jesus died for our sins. Daddy said, "It's not that we ever DIDN'T believe". I then asked if I could pray with them--they seemed pleased at the suggestion! So we huddled together in their living room and prayed for forgiveness, stating our belief in God and in his saving grace. I have wanted to do this for YEARS but have never had the courage. But after watching that video and sensing the softness in Daddy's heart, it was like I could not physically leave there until I said this to them. And I'm amazed at how easy it was--God's timing, maybe?!
Karen, Jacksonville, Florida

I want to offer my endorsement of the ministry of the Father's Love Letter. I minister all over the world and have used the Father's Love Letter to bring freedom to people trapped in their own hurts. It has been my experience that as many as 75% of the women to whom we minister are dealing with a spirit of rejection. One wonders how this one spirit can get such a hold on the women of God. I have learned that this spirit is one of those "spirits of darkness" Paul spoke about in Ephesians 6. It can only rule in darkness. When exposed to the light of the truth, it loses its power to rule. By using tools like the Father's Love Letter, we can bring a truth that destroys the lies of darkness. Low self-esteem, self-hatred, rejection, and other demonic thoughts such as these have a common root -- it is lack of understanding of the Father's Love. Once people get a revelation of how much their Father God loves them, it becomes almost irrelevant that others don't love them. The way I minister it is like this. "Yes, others have rejected and yes, others have not loved you. But, it is only because they don't know you like God knows you. If they knew you like God knew you, then they would love you like He loves you. Because the one that knows you best, loves you most." Bill and Debbie, keep it up. There is a power in this truth that can literally set the captives FREE!

Sincerely, Rev Cheryl Schang, President Grace Foundation International Inc.

The Impact Of Father's Love Letter On Our Radio Station (July 15, 2003)
I just wanted you to know that I have been receiving literally dozens of telephone calls regarding "Father's Love Letter".
For example, prior to a live Sunday morning worship service from a Jacksonville church, I feature approximately 15 minutes of worship and praise music live on WROS-AM. Every Sunday morning I've been playing "Fathers' Love Letter". And almost every day thereafter I receive telephone calls with the positive comments from the listeners.

What's amazing.....almost every caller was in their automobile and had to pull off the side of the road because they were crying their heart out. I've even had pastors call me...in tears.
"Kathy" was the latest caller.....she just bought a restaurant and doesn't have time to attend morning services anymore. Last Sunday, she was tuned in and heard the Love Letter....and like all the others had to pull off the road and cry. I am extremely impressed with this "blessed" production!

Yisrael Shmuel Freedman, CET
Program Director WROS-AM
Jacksonville, Florida

 A Changed Life On Death Row (July 7, 2003)
A couple of years ago we started an outreach to many of the men that were on death row in the United States prison system. We sent each prisoner a packet, which included the Father's Love Letter message. One of the first men to respond to our death row outreach was a man named Derrick. He was powerfully impacted by the Father's Love Letter message and went on to totally give his life to Jesus. He began to study the Word of God and began to embrace the power of prayer. Over the last two years, Derrick has led 9 other death row inmates to Jesus! We have been working with Derrick and have sent them all Bibles. Derrick has organized daily Bible studies in his cell for these new converts!

Praise Jesus for another MIRACLE!!! Father God has honored Derrick's hard work and he is being released from death row. We are not certain if he will be put in a regular prison or released to the outside world but that is in our Father's Hands! I was in tears to hear the news! It is amazing ALL that the Father can do if we reach out in love with the Spirit and with the saving

\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ lifting up Holy Hands of Praise!!
Lisa Lannan, Ambassador of Father’s Love in Arizona

This is just a portion of one of many letters we receive from those who are incarcerated.
Dear Hot Pursuit Ministries! Greetings to You in the name of the Lord! I would like to take a moment to let u know that I read u'r Father's Love Letter that u placed in the Jax/Times-Union, on Feb. 14, 03. It was a beautiful work of art, and expressed God's love perfectly. I am a detainee at Lowell CI, and therefore am message of Jesus Christ! surrounded by much ugliness and ungodliness. So it touched my heart deeply to read God's Word so beautifully expressed. Just before reading this article, I had been in a verbal confrontation with another offender. After reading the Father's Love Letter, I showed it to the person I had had the argument with. She began to cry, and tell me that she had gotten away from God, and hadn't been able to pray or read God's word. This lady was very discouraged and lost. She showed her pain by being extremely obnoxious and every word she used was a curse word. After she read the article, she broke down and cried. She realized the loneliness and emptiness she had been experiencing, since turning away from the Lord. She also realized she very much needed the Lord in her life. This lady is not the only person to benefit from The Father's Love Letter. After taking it to class, I shared it with several ladies there. It gave everyone chills who read it. It also made some people realize where they are at in regard to the Lord. At this time I would like to thank u for the beautiful article, and let u know that many people have been touched by it. It also made us realize just how badly we need the Lord in our lives.

Sister in Christ,

(Hot Pursuit Ministries have sent Father’s Love Letters to many male and female inmates for several years and continue to do so into county jails and state prisons and continue to receive positive responses.)

Testimonies Sent To Us From Other Inmates:

This letter was sent to us from one of our spiritual daughters, who had been mistakenly arrested and put in jail. What the devil meant for harm, God turned to good!

 Hello Bill and Deborah- How are you? I received your letter; it was right on time, too. Though this experience is a little too real; it’s not all bad. It’s really an opportunity to do what God has really given me a heart to do, which is to be able to minister to the down and outers, drug addicts, homeless, the ones others don’t want to deal with or shun as outcasts…though I would rather have my freedom, this is furthering my training…. Father’s Love Letter has started sweeping through the cellblock, to the point people were handwriting them a copy for themselves. I’ve had them say it really touched them, and many of them even began to weep as they read it. The original copy has now left and is heading to Boynton Beach, Florida, with a young woman named Pauline. She is hungry for God and realizes that certain elements to her life God is dealing with…. Father’s Love Letter was a real special thing for her. She wrote her own copy before her departure and before she returned the original came back to me, she had given her handwritten copy to another cell mate to copy; so I let her take the original with her. It’s really amazing to see the seeds get planted and then to where God may take them (another outreach, another city)… a lot of girls now come to me with questions about the Bible and particular verses they may read; and ask me to explain what it means. We then end up having mini-group or individual one on one Bible studies or discipleship teaching. Some come to me for prayer…. As far as Father’s Love Letter, I could use another drop shipment, those you sent, several were already requested and the remaining ones went like hot cakes!! I even kept one for me and my personal use and encouragement and it is out in population again. It’s so wild and yet it’s fun too!! Love You Both, Angela (Angela was released within a few weeks by a letter sent from the district attorney.)

Recently, we visited a friend’s brother in the Clay County Jail in Green Cove Springs and left Father’s Love Letters there with the chaplain, who distributed them, here is just one of the outcomes ….

We first heard from Irma the end of August…. Dear Brother Bill & Sister Deborah, I am in Jail in Green Cove Springs, Clay County, Florida. I saw one of Father’s Love Letters that another inmate had. I am a child of God’s, He is my Father, I love Him and I am thankful for His love, grace and forgiveness of my sins. I am touched by the letter; I would so appreciate if you could send me a couple of copies. When I leave here I am going to the Florida State Prison at Lowell for women. I have not been sentenced yet. I would like any materials you have, and read them and pass them on. Please put me on your altar and in your daily prayers, as I will keep you in my prayers. After sending Father's Love Letters, we received follow-up letters:  (As stated in her letter, Irma has a son and daughter, with teen-age grandchildren down to infant.) Thank you so much for answering right away, and thank you for your letter and Father’s Love Letter from my Heavenly Father. God has been so good to my family, I was raised going to church and I knew all my life of God’s love, but somewhere in my adult life I let earthly and the lust of the flesh along with material things become before God. As you can see, I only wanted a part time Father. Because I already knew in my heart the life I chose to live wasn’t one God my Father approved of, so I stayed away from Him until I was in trouble or wanted a prayer answered. Shame kept my eyes off of Him… now I have God’s love, He has my full attention, and I am no longer ashamed. He showed me His love, and the right to enter the gates of Heaven are so much more important. I have so much more to give and a life everlasting. Something no man’s money can buy…I belong with my Father. I thank you for the information about the faith-based dorm. I am going to try and get in it. I have your address in my Bible to carry with me…Your letter touched me so deeply, it felt so very personal as if we were friends or kin who had known each other for some time. Thank you. You are so right about His healing love. I refuse to look back. I want to march forward giving my whole life and having all of His Love and promises fulfilled…

I want to be a witness to others for God. I want people to know about His love and forgiveness, of how He has a promise of eternal life if we only accept Him as our Lord. I know I will encounter trials each day…. all I need is Jesus with me to take each step. However long I get, I intend to use everyday of the rest of my life as a witness for Him. Because as you said I am His precious daughter and I want Him to be proud of me…keep me in your prayers and that it be God’s will, not man’s…I ask God to Bless you…Thank you again for the love I felt in your letter…. I know when I walk in front of him I will not be alone…God will always be first in my life…. Whatever plan He has in store for me I plan to accept and follow…. special request, pray for my children, neither one attend church…growing up they went to church with me and they have also strayed away…My prayer is that they both will find their way back to God…Please keep me in your prayers as I go before the judge for sentencing…

I keep you both in my prayers…

Your Sister, Irma. 

We continue to correspond with Irma to encourage her that our Heavenly Father’s love is a powerful force and He will comfort and direct her with and in His love. Please keep Irma and especially her children and grandchildren in your prayers. Specifically pray for laborers to be thrust into the harvest field for them, that the blinders come off their eyes, that they come to their senses, and hunger for God, accepting His love.