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Hot Pursuit Ministries, Ambassadors of Father's Love

Greetings Beloved of God!

Many thanks to those of you who continue to offer your support to this ministry. We are humbled and very grateful. Please know that you share in the fruit. Testimonies continue to come to us of transformed lives, in this city, state, nation and around the world!! The need to hear and receive this message is growing and the doors continue to open to present it to others.

Over a one-week period, we know of five different ministries here in Jacksonville that presented Father's Love Letter either in video or the printed version. Those who received the message of Father's Love were those incarcerated in prisons, young adults, single women and men (some divorced), battered women and their children, and those on the streets. Many local churches are now using Father's Love Letter as their chief ministry tool to their members and in their outreaches. They tell us the response has been overwhelming; many who received Father's Love Letter are requesting more to send to their friends or relatives living elsewhere. These are the kind of responses we have continually received since we began ministering with FLL over four years ago. This message is as fresh then as it is now and to all who receive it. It will never get old because it is the depth of who we are!

Several hundred-door hangers of the movie, The Passion of the Christ, attached with Father's Love Letters, were also sent out into the community, reminding them of the release date for the movie and informing them of Father's great love! There are several youth events planned for our city. We have received word from one of these ministries that they plan to play Father's Love Letter video at their event and to distribute the FLL printed version to an estimated 14,000 youth who will be in attendance. Identity and acceptance is in the knowledge and acceptance of His love. The jails within three counties of the First Coast are now providing Father's Love Letters to the inmates. We continue to meet with funeral directors so that they can provide Father's Love Letters to the friends and family of the deceased. Please keep all of these outreaches in your prayers!

The website, www.FatherLovesJacksonville.com, has experienced a 400% increase of daily visits. We receive visits from all over the world, on six out of seven continents. Fatherless statistics, resource materials to aid in overcoming this problem, itinerary, special events, products offered, ministry tools and much more is continually being added to www.HotPursuitMinistries.com to assist the community in reaching the hurting and the lost. Our monthly investment for these sites is both an expense and outreach.

There are many opportunities for you to co-labor with us on outreaches. You can join us in prayer, with your offerings, by letting others know about this ministry or by your physical presence with us. There are many levels of commitment in which you can partner with us. Please consider assisting us in one of these many outreaches. The souls of men, women and children are in the balance. The fields are white to harvest! What can you do? What will you do?

Other future outreaches include mail outs into gated communities as well as mail outs section by section of the First Coast. To cut down on expenses of postage and materials, we will be sending Father's Love Letters in a post card format. Aerial banners, billboards and publications will also continue, including during the Super Bowl. Any church, ministry or anyone wanting to underwrite this outreach, the parade costs or any other outreach, please contact us as soon as possible,

Hot Pursuit Ministries assists other ministries to accomplish the task of reaching this city and in seeing the reality of unity in the body of Christ. One part of the fulfillment of this vision takes place April 30th. First Coast Christian Outreach will be overseeing a Reconciliation Service on April 30th, being held at the new Jacksonville Arena. Believers from all over this First Coast area are invited to participate, in hopes to fill it to capacity with the body of Christ. You will not want to miss this!! Make plans to participate to the Glory of God!! STAND, Students Taking A New Direction, will also be coming to Jacksonville, planned for September 11th, in the arena. Many volunteers are needed for both of these events. STAND is in the beginning stages of planning and commitment for that production here for our youth. Abstinence and salvation are the main emphasis. To volunteer, contact these ministries or us. Father's Love Letter resource materials continue to be available through this ministry. This helps to cover the costs of the websites and to reach our city in love. Thank you for supporting us by acquiring these products directly from us.

As a full time ministry there are many other costs we encounter on a monthly basis. We decided years ago to walk by faith to do the will of God for our lives. Whatever the cost, we are going for it!! With additional laborers and partners, a whole lot more can be accomplished for the kingdom of God, to the Glory of God. We present to you the needs and the fruits of this ministry, as best we know and give you an opportunity to partner with us. By our reports to you, we hope you agree with us that this is good ground to sow into and we are honored to receive your response.

By ministering His love, gathering statistics, bringing awareness and linking ministries to the resources for change to take place, we are seeing lives transformed. As we co-labor with various ministries and organizations throughout the city, our nation and other countries, we've witnessed our Father weaving a net for a very large catch!

Please join us as we are blanketing the earth with Father's Love, everywhere and in every way, for eternity!

Abiding In His Love and For His Purpose,

Ambassadors Bill and Deborah Fisher

*If we can be of help to you or for specific prayer, please contact us! We love you!