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Greetings Beloved and Precious Saints!

With great delight and gratefulness in our hearts, we send this to you! Faithful is our God!

Our hope and prayer is that this summer has found us all more in love with Jesus and with many more testimonies of the goodness of God! There is much to report to you since our last letter. We have been traveling some, spending time with family, and seeking direction for our lives and this ministry. Just recently, we received the blessing of our 8th grandchild, a daughter, born on July 10th to our third son, Micah and his wife, Melissa. As would be expected, this has brought much change. Change is good for all of us; the adjustments can be difficult!

For us, there will be changes in updates to you, our supporters, with ministry activities. Without volunteer or paid staff, we continue to do the work of many! For this and other reasons, some changes have become necessary, giving us more time to minister one on one, to keep records in a timely manner, redirect funds for more efficiency, and still allow us to keep you informed of the work of this ministry. To inform you of ministry, we will be sending an email with a link to view our newsletter on the websites. Please contact us with your current email address, so you can keep updated on events, navigate the site, and support this work through your prayers, order resource materials and donate online. This should help us to be better stewards of our time and finances. For those of you who do not have computer access, we will continue to mail the newsletter as before.

During the first week of May, we were at the Father's Love Forum in Kelowna, BC, Canada. This was again a great privilege for us to be a part of and receive an impartation from men and women of God from all over the world, who share the message of Father's love. We gathered together in adoration of our Father, receiving more of Father's love through worship, teaching, and fellowship. As always, we came back to Florida filled with precious cargo to give!

While in Canada, we were delighted to spend time with a couple, who were able to place us in contact strategically for the purpose of distributing Father's Love Letters during the Super Bowl. This will give us two major outlets of distribution for that week. Approximately 300,000 FLL will be printed for the more than 130,000 people, who are expected in our city that week, from all over the USA and the world. An aerial banner to fly around the stadium, billboards, and FLL are budgeted at $12,000.

An important part for growth in this ministry and all ministries are our relationships:

Father's Love Forum in Kelowna BC with Barry and Ann Adams Pastors Deborah & Hugh Currington anniversary dinner for Greater Dimensions Christian Assembly Deborah and Pastor Richardson at women's conference in Dunnellon

Father's Love Forum In Kelowna , B. C. Canada with Barry and Ann Adams

Pastors Deborah & Hugh Currington Anniversary Dinner For Greater Dimensions Christian Assembly

Deborah and Pastor Richardson at Women's Conference In Dunnellon , Florida

Jacksonville's Father's Love Letter with contact information can be downloaded along with the PowerPoint Presentation for reaching our city on www.FatherLovesJacksonville.com and www.HotPursuitMinistries.com. This will provide you with quality copies when ministering with FLL. The PP presentation is excellent resource material for pastors and leaders. Your orders can now be taken online for FLL resources with your credit card. Donations received for these products are used to finance the ministry. Your donations, to this ministry, can also be taken online 24/7.

On Father's Day, the first citywide initiative was launched in Kingman, Arizona, a town of 35,000 residents, located on Route 66, between Las Vegas, Nevada and Flagstaff, Arizona. In brief: for several weeks, billboards were placed along Route 66 and in the city of Kingman, every resident received a postcard with Father's Love Letter, a full page in the newspaper of FLL, television and radio ads of Father's love were broadcast, food, clothes and Bibles distributed, as well as free FLL resources. For complete details, check out www.FatherLovesKingman.com and www.FatherLovesTheWorld.com. Though our city is much greater in the number of residents and the largest land mass city in the USA, we do have more churches; and can expect the same kind of citywide event here on the First Coast, in the very near future, on a larger scale! Get involved!

During Father's Day weekend, many reports came to us concerning the use of Father's Love Letter in text, audio, or video here in our own area. We received countless testimonies, directly and indirectly, of transformed lives through this ministry and with the use of this ministry tool.

Fatherlessness still remains the most prevalent social disorder of today. It is clear, with almost every problem we face in America and the world, that all could be solved through the acceptance of this love. Here lies our identity, our direction, our security, our peace, our purpose, and our joy!! When we are rooted and grounded in love, we see others and ourselves differently, treating each other with honor and respect as creations of God. He is love. In love, we seek to find the place of agreement, where we can walk as one, though we are different. It is the enemy seeking to divide us, to conquer us; where God is seeking to unite us, even in our differences. In unity, He commands the blessing. This love is a powerful force against the forces of darkness. Love covers and protects us from all harm in the midst of the storm. Satisfaction comes when we abide in that restful place of His love, no matter what is going on around us! If you haven't done so today, take a rest in His refreshing, loving embrace!! You will be glad you did! Daddy is taking care of everything!

Seek that place of rest in Daddy's love, forgive quickly, encourage yourself and others, find the place of agreement, refuse to be critical of one another, work together to reach your city with one voice as true sons and daughters. (Col. 3:13-14, Ps. 133:1, Amos 3:3, Eph. 3:17, 1 Peter 3:8-12, 1 Peter 4:8)

We continue to minister at local churches, homes, and into the streets to reach the hurting and the lost; and assist other ministries & churches with various outreaches throughout the city.

Thank you for your cheerful giving with prayer and financial support for these upcoming outreaches.

We love you and if we have been a blessing to you in some way, consider giving to this ministry; together we can blanket the earth with His love, everywhere and in every way!!! Let us hear from you!!

Abiding In His Love and For His Purpose,

Bill and Deborah Fisher

Scripture Reading: Luke 6:27-49

(Taken from The Life of Dwight L. Moody by his son - W.R. Moody.)

" ' I can imagine that when Christ said to the little band around Him, "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel," Peter said, "Lord, do You really mean that we are to go back to Jerusalem and preach the Gospel to those men that murdered You?" "Yes," said Christ, "go hunt up that man that spat in My face; tell him that he may have a seat in My Kingdom yet. Yes, Peter, go find that man that made that cruel crown of thorns and placed it on My brow, and tell him I will have a crown ready for him when he comes into My Kingdom, and there will be no thorns on it. Hunt up that man that took a reed and brought it down over the cruel thorns, driving them into My brow, and tell him I will put a scepter in his hand, and he shall rule over the nations of the earth, if he will accept salvation. Search for the man that drove the spear into My side, and tell him there is a nearer way to My heart than that. Tell him I forgive him freely, and that he can be saved if he will accept salvation as a gift.'