The Need for Fatherhood and Motherhood – Family

Dwelling in the Love of our Father brings us safety, security, assurance, peace, direction, refuge, acceptance, identity and purpose. When we receive a love like this, we are fearless, without compromise and then feeling as if we can do anything. Thus the faith statement immerges within us, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” When we stumble and fall, we want to get up again, because we know we will find this same Love embracing us again and again. It is our nature to find this place of comfort. We were made for greatness and for a purpose; created to be loved and to give love. If we want to know why we are here and for what purpose, we can only find it in the One who made us.

Because we came out of Love, we seek Love. God is Love. God and Love are inseparable. He first loved us!  In Him is our identity. In Him we live and move and have our being! In Him is found no fear because perfect love casts out fear. Within this Love is found the true sense of family. The spirit of an orphan does not exist there. Therefore, competition, jealousy, covetousness, greed, bitterness, resentfulness and divisions will not abide there. This family is made up of true sons and daughters who honor and esteem one another and show forth the love of God within them.

Sadly, we find this “family” missing on the most part within our society today, even within our churches. Man will naturally seek the place of rest, a place of acceptance; once called home. Often fulfillment, of this inward seeking for home, finds us in a counterfeit solution of some kind. These are all temporary fixes and for a season may appear to be fulfilling that inward yearning we all so need fulfilled. In actuality, we are seeking to find “the relationship” for acceptance that we were made for, and end up in any number of situations through the use of counterfeits for His love. Not only have drugs and alcohol and various sexual pleasures been a part of these counterfeits, so has religion that seeks to drive us to succeed in works. We strive to be accepted one way or another. Rejection will cause us to seek the approval of man.

Abiding in Father’s Love, just as Jesus did, eliminates all the things that so easily beset us. When all else is gone, love will remain. Let us love as He loves, as we can, through Him. The whole earth travails and waits for the revealing of the true sons and daughters. We will be like Him!

Deborah Fisher, Hot Pursuit Ministries Intl., or