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Rev. Bill and Deborah Fisher
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For over thirty years we have served in the community within the local churches here in the Jacksonville, Florida area, and in various outreaches. In 1993, God spoke to us about a love that we had not known and in a depth we had not experienced anywhere. He made us aware that “we did not know what love is and that He was going to show us and we would take it to the ends of the earth.” During the years to come, we began to experience that love for ourselves and through reaching out to others. Through His teaching, we learned that “we haven't loved at all till we have gone beyond ourselves.” We often stop at our own ability and never go to the place of faith, beyond the natural. Real love and faith is found where He is, 'in the spirit.' In this place is power and it costs you everything!

He provided us with many opportunities to show His love to others. We were privileged to be His instruments in providing shelter and life-giving counsel to recovering addicts, the lost and homeless, the unloved and unwanted. Witnessing this transformation of one life at a time is very addicting! God was able to show us what He really meant when He said to “love your neighbor as yourself” and that “this is the greatest commandment”. So, Hot Pursuit Ministries Inc. was birthed, as we relentlessly pursued the One with the love, he had burnt within us. These individuals have an ongoing relationship with us and look to us for spiritual oversight.

It was an honor to accept the opportunity to be caregivers for Deborah's mother, for several years. Through this period of time we learned much more about the breadth and length, height and depth of His unending love. We learned what is most precious to us and what is most precious to Him. God showed us, at this time, how to get beyond ourselves and live in the power of His love. Over the Internet, we discovered Father's Love Letter, a God inspired tool to reach a missing bride. It leapt from the screen and the words of His love captured our heart. What a perfect way to share God's love, with scripture after scripture showing His compassion, acceptance, and most of all His unconditional love, towards all men.

We have shared the message of Father's love from family, to hospitals, to prisons, to schools, to nursing homes, at funerals, outdoor events, Mardi Gras, at churches, at banks, at restaurants, on airplanes, and with people from all types of occupations. But the one thing that is a common thread through all of these is His love shed through His precious blood for each and every one of us. He gave His all, that we might have all. There is no soul past redemption, all are precious in His sight.

The Father's Love Letter is a major part of this ministry. We are fulfilling the words He spoke to us in 1993 by taking this letter and putting it into the hands of every individual and ministry He leads us to. This letter can travel faster to places where we cannot travel or have not been invited, than if we took it ourselves.

Most recently, God has instructed us to blanket His love throughout NYC. There are over 200 nations represented there and reaching this area, will touch the world. Thousands of Father's Love Letters and related materials have been sent into the area and with a population of well over ten million, this is only a small portion of what is needed. This outreach will require continued trips with added resources.

This ministry continues to place a full page of Father's Love Letter in various publications in order to reach a people that otherwise could not be reached. (Various resources are available for all community outreaches.)

In short, we are blanketing the earth with His love, everywhere and in every way, for eternity!
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