Personal Biography - Barry Adams

Barry Adams lives in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada with his wife Anneliese and their 3 children, Kristin, Stephen and Candice. Before entering into full time ministry in 1997, he spent 19 years working in the newspaper industry where he developed a passion to see the gospel creatively communicated in various forms of media. While receiving a call from God to go into ministry shortly after his conversion at the age of 15, Barry had felt that his time in the secular newspaper business would be his 'bible school' to equip him for the work of the ministry. In 1988 he received the Ross Bates Memorial Award, the highest individual award given for newspaper advertising excellence in Canada. During his tenure in the newspaper business, he was active in church, serving as a volunteer youth pastor and active in many para-church organizations such as Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship and Promise Keepers. He left the newspaper in 1996 with his last position being Director of Sales & Marketing for the company.
Barry entered into full time ministry in March 1997, serving as an associate pastor at Westview Christian Fellowship, a Mennonite Brethren Church located in his hometown of St. Catharines. In June 1998, while at a men's retreat in North Bay, Ontario, Barry had a powerful encounter with the love of God as a Father through the ministry of Jack Winter and James Jordan. This new revelation of God's love was the catalyst that brought about the Father's Love Letter message.

In January 1999, Barry shared the Father's Love Letter multi media presentation as a sermon illustration as part of his message on the extravagant love of the Father. In November 1999, the Father's Love Letter video was released and a new website ( was launched. In March 2000, Barry and Anneliese founded Father Heart Communications in order to facilitate the growth of this new ministry. In October 2000, his home church released him from pastoral ministry to commission him and wife Anneliese to take the message of Father's love to the uttermost parts of the world.

In the past two years, Barry has ministered the Father's love in Europe, South Africa and throughout North America and continues to fulfill his primary mandate and that is to deliver the love letter that God wrote to the world. Father's Love Letter is now available in over 40 languages and new language translations are being added monthly. Barry & his wife Anneliese are part of a global network called Father's Love Forum and serve as advisory board members for North America