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Hot Pursuit Ministries, Ambassadors of Father's Love

Hot Pursuit Ministries International, as ambassadors of Father’s Love, minister His love to the hurting and the lost. As a friend to the local church, to sinners, and to pastors, we assist ministries with the necessary tools such as Father’s Love Letter to reach a missing bride. It is distributed at every opportunity, in association with Father Heart Communications.

Knowing that the physical absence of the father from the home is the most significant social or family problem in America and in many nations of the world, we gather statistics, bring awareness, and link ministries to the resources, that lives may be transformed. We have found Father’s Love Letter to be the most effective tool in the process, from hopelessness to hope; making the journey home to the loving arms of Father.

The message and revelation of Father’s love is needed both within and outside the church. The characteristics of an orphan spirit can be found in either place.

Accepting His unconditional love not only brings us rest from our labors, it also removes barriers of covetousness, jealousy, greed, and competition delivering us from all fears and sin that would so easily beset us. This love affirms us, and gives us a sense of identity and purpose; and direction for success in our lives. In this freedom called love, we find great joy and compassion for one another. It compels us ‘to seek the one, that none should perish,’ with the same love and mercy God shows us. With infectious love and abandonment, we are compelled to ‘go’ with great joy! As the Father, we believe there is no soul past redemption! We are in fulltime ministry, relentlessly pursuing the Father and a missing bride. Because of God's love for us and the shed blood of Jesus, we can belong, believe, and change!

As we co-labor with various ministries and organizations throughout the city, our nation and other countries, we've witnessed our Father weaving a net for a very large catch. We can see entire cities blanketed with the Father's love everywhere and in every way. We invite you to join us, and others in this adventure:


A Call To The Nations Hearts Of Fire Prison Invasion
Angel Ministry Heaven’s Key (Beauty for Ashes) Project SOS
Ardent Hearts His Grace & Glory Ministries County Jail Chaplains
Bethlehem Visit Key Of The Spirit STAND
City Rescue Mission MADDADS Teen Challenge
Crucial Mighty Wind Ministry The Rebekah Project
EPIC Surf Ministries Mission AIM Trinity Broadcasting
Extreme Evangelism Mission NYC Words To Works
Father's Love Forum Int'l. National Day of Prayer Youth Crisis Center
First Coast Christian Outreach National Fatherhood Initiative Youth Quake Live and more.

Contact us for ministry tools, ministry opportunities and to minister His love.