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The Journey Home To Love

Parchment Poster

Father's Love Letter VHS Video
Three for $10

This 30 minute video includes the original Father's Love Letter presentation accompanied by the song Faithful Father, the Father's Love Letter narration version, and a 15 minute narration of all the scriptures used to compile the Father's Love Letter from the NIV Bible set to soothing worship music and nature video footage.

Father's Love Letter CD

This 30 minute cd features the Father's Love Letter 6 minute narration by Roy Lamont, a 15 minute narration of all the NIV scriptures used to compile the Father's Love Letter accompanied by worship music, and a powerful responsive prayer entitled "My True Father" by international speaker, James Jordan.

The Journey Home To Love VHS Video

This video contains the real-life stories of 5 people and their search to find unconditional love and acceptance. This is a great evangelistic tool to introduce the love of God to someone for the first time. This 33-minute video is licensed for public performance for church services and outreach events and is specially priced so that it can be shared with others. This video presentation is also included on the Father's Love Letter Special Edition DVD.

Father's Love Letter Parchment Poster
Two for $5

The message of Father's Love Letter is beautifully displayed in this 11”x17” natural beige-colored parchment card-weight poster. The backdrop of this poster is a pencil sketch of a father and child's hand. This makes a great gift and is suitable for framing.

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Devotional Gift Book


Special Edition DVD


Come to the Waters


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Father's Love Letter
Devotional Gift Book

A full-color gift book containing fifty-seven powerful devotional thoughts including a prayer that will help you put into words your response to God. Father's Love Letter has been endorsed by the following organizations: Evangelism Explosion, Every Home for Christ and Gospel Literature International.

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Father's Love Letter
Special Edition DVD

Over 95 minutes of video features to draw you closer to the Father's heart. Includes both Father's Love Letter video versions, The Journey Home To Love and The Story Behind Father's Love Letter. Also includes inspirational video presentations...Dancing In Daddy's Arms, Father Loves You and My True Father.

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Come to the Waters CD

This instrumental recording was created to provide an environment where you can meet with God, find rest for your souls, and pray for others. Hear the call of God beckoning you to journey inward to the quiet place- away from the noise of life.

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Father’s Love Letter PDF
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